Land Rover Series 2A ute

I purchased this Land Rover after a random late night bid on eBay. The car was located in Yetholme (just east of Bathurst) and was picked up in a crazy 3 day trip.

Work up to 10 Sep

  • The ute now runs. Put a battery in it and fixed some of the wiring. Runs well and doesn’t blow smoke. A short straight pipe on the exhaust so its noisy.
  • Drained oil and found only a drip and a little water in the front diff. Pulled the half shafts out and dropped the diff centre and the whole thing is completely dead. Have found a replacement diff centre from a guy in Paynesville and will pick up next week.
  • Truck cab and 2.25l motor purchased from Outback Mac.
  • Removed front grille and swapped radiator with a spare I had (from the parts lot from Rosedale). The original radiator had a gash in it from the fan when the front end was pushed in. Rusted bottom of grille cut out and replacement tacked in.


Was dragged onto our car trailer with the winch. Didn’t start but was assured it did 18 months ago. It was owned by Dave’s neighbour before that. They had hit a tree on a drunken drive in the dark (thus the front right is crushed in). Dave bought it to do up. Health and other projects persuaded him to sell it.

We left home on 8 July 21 with the view of skiing in Jindabyne the next day and picking the car up the day after. As the threat of COVID lockdowns and border closures loomed, we ditched skiing and went straight to pick up the car on 9 Jul. Stayed in Wodonga that night (got in about 0030) and then home that day.


28 Jun 21Purchase price1025.00