Land Rover Series IIA

An 88″ SWB with loads of character. My goal is to have registered by the end of this year (2021).

Work up to 25 Jan 21

  • Rear right brakes and suspension finished
  • Axle straps installed both left and right rear
  • Installed the rear drive shaft
  • Got the clevis pin in for the handbrake – handbrake when engaged will stop the drum rotating by hand but not the car when rolling. Needs adjustment.
  • Tightened all of the rear suspension bolts
  • Looking for and fixing vacuum leaks – new rubber hose piece and air manifold hose to rocker cover (later is a temp fix with fingers from a rubber glove).
  • My goal this week is to get it running and move it so I can give it a really good clean.

Work up to 19 Jan 21

  • Right rear spring in wheel bearing races pressed in.
  • Picked up left and right seats and rails, badges and other bits and pieces from Tom in Wandong.
  • Got the rear drive shaft out and put in new uni joints. Broke the grease nipple off one trying to press it in. All ready to install now.
  • Fuel tank cleaned out, resoldered to frame, and reinstalled.

Work 28 Dec 20

  • Completed reconditioning of the rear left suspension, wheel bearings and brakes.

Initial work

  • Clunking old front bumper removed
  • Old seats out.
  • Got the motor going (fixed wiring, reconditioned carb and cleaned thick varnish from the fuel pump, new spark leads and plugs, fresh oil and oil filter)- although only runs on full throttle at the moment.
  • Got the clutch working (new slave cylinder, bashed on the peddle a little to free it up, new DOT4 fluid and bled the clutch at the slave cylinder)