Land Rover Series 2A Wagon

An 88″ SWB with loads of character. My goal is to have registered by the end of this year (2021).

Work up to 10 Sep

Still parked up in the carport. All four wheel hubs and suspension bits have been refurbished. Front bumper is on, left front chassis rust was cut out and fixed, and the rear crossmember cut out. Right footwell and A pillar cut out.

Work up to 15 Mar

  • Gave it a good pressure wash underneath
  • Got the handbrake working – no foot brakes yet
  • Had it running. Stalled near Websters and found a clogged fuel line – ball of fuel varnish.
  • Disassembled the right front suspension and axle. Cleaned it up and started reassembly. Need more parts. Note the ratchet strap to pull the spring into alignment with the locating hole in the axle.
  • Welded up the rusted bits in the chassis.

Work up to 25 Jan 21

  • Rear right brakes and suspension finished
  • Axle straps installed both left and right rear
  • Installed the rear drive shaft
  • Got the clevis pin in for the handbrake – handbrake when engaged will stop the drum rotating by hand but not the car when rolling. Needs adjustment.
  • Tightened all of the rear suspension bolts
  • Looking for and fixing vacuum leaks – new rubber hose piece and air manifold hose to rocker cover (later is a temp fix with fingers from a rubber glove).
  • My goal this week is to get it running and move it so I can give it a really good clean.

Work up to 19 Jan 21

  • Right rear spring in wheel bearing races pressed in.
  • Picked up left and right seats and rails, badges and other bits and pieces from Tom in Wandong.
  • Got the rear drive shaft out and put in new uni joints. Broke the grease nipple off one trying to press it in. All ready to install now.
  • Fuel tank cleaned out, resoldered to frame, and reinstalled.

Work 28 Dec 20

  • Completed reconditioning of the rear left suspension, wheel bearings and brakes.

Initial work

  • Clunking old front bumper removed
  • Old seats out.
  • Got the motor going (fixed wiring, reconditioned carb and cleaned thick varnish from the fuel pump, new spark leads and plugs, fresh oil and oil filter)- although only runs on full throttle at the moment.
  • Got the clutch working (new slave cylinder, bashed on the peddle a little to free it up, new DOT4 fluid and bled the clutch at the slave cylinder)
DateItemPurchased fromAmount
18 Nov 20Land Rover depositFB Marketplace500
20 Nov 20Land Rover balance on pickupFB Marketplace1000
8 Dec 20NGK ignition lead kitBursons Traralgon56.5
4 Dec 20Clutch slave cylinder and flex hoseRitters80
3 Dec 20Holden workshop manualsFB Marketplace75
11 Dec 20Front and rear spring set and rear crossmemberRitters1900
11 Dec 20Suspension bushes and boltsBritish Auto Parts380.82
11 Jan 21Prop shaft boots, uni joints, axle check straps, distance pieces and brake pipe clipsBritish Auto Parts305.80
13 Jan 21Brake line joiners and adaptersPirtek Morwell48.91
Costs so far

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