I picked this up in Pakenham on my way to picking up the Katana 250. It had been made naked with tiny fairing and non-stock front guard.

Summary of work done:

  • Cleaned and replaced the carbs (with a better used set). Replaced intake manifold tubes. Put a carby reco kit through it – new float valves, seals and idle mix screws.
  • New flasher unit.
  • Petcock seals and diaphragm replaced – motor kept flooding. Later found out that the vent in the tank was blocked. Pressure buildup in the tank would force fuel out the vacuum line. Blew this clean and the problem vanished.
  • Refreshed the coolant. Needed a new radiator cap as the old one was blowing out coolant when it got to pressure.
  • Replaced front brake lever – original was bent, battery and flasher unit
  • Bonded cracks in front and side fairings and fitted these. Quick spray job on the front fairing (not shown in the photos below)
  • Purchased second hand mirrors, luggage hooks front fairing and brackets, front guard, tool kit, headlight – and fitted these
  • Replaced mufflers with some that were less dinged up
  • Added new windshield and front indicators

Turned out to be a great bike – good power to redline. Fun in the twisty road up to Mirboo North. Ryan had to pick me up because of a flooded motor. Took ages to sort out (see petcock above). Now sold and loved by a new owner in Morwell.