Back on a bike

Went for a trip to pick up a few things and to enjoy being back on a bike again.

Trip stops:

  • Visit Clive
  • Coffee at Lamezleigh’s in Mirboo North
  • Pickup a battery for the FZR250 at J&C Motorcycles in Moe
  • Pop in to the Budgeree Hall for more work to the public Wi-Fi there

Bringing home the FZR250

Purchase price: $400

Condition: Not going, although assured that it was. Plastics supplied and look like they have been resprayed – mostly in good condition. Wiring loom looks like was cut and was attempted to be rejoined. Missing seats most noticeably. Missing a few bits:

  • Mirrors (sourced)
  • Fuel pump
  • Speedo cable
  • Front cowl frame (sourced)
  • Chain guard (sourced)
  • Right switch cluster (sourced)
  • Replacement wiring loom (sourced)
  • Battery (sourced and on-hand)
  • Seats (sourced)
  • Left air intake tube (sourced)
  • Radiator protector grille (sourced)
  • Clutch perch (sourced)
  • Headlight bulbs (sourced)

Most amazing find was the airbox. The one that came with it was missing boots. Doing some research online I found the airbox looked like it came from a CBR250RR. When I purchased the Katana 250 it came with an airbox that didn’t fit it – but magically fits this FZR!

The work begins.

Pulled the carbs out and found the intake ports in the head full of water. Tipped the bike on its side to drain most of it out. The carbs were full of water and dried fuel varnish.


In progress

I’m working towards a group ride on 28 Nov, so I need the C201 running and hopefully registered. Three weeks left.

In the last week I finally got the frame assembled and wheels attached. It’s now a rolling frame.

I have most of the bits I need to at least get it running, although I am a little worried about the electrics.

So installing the electrics and motor is the goal for this week. Maybe I can get it to run?


KL250 A3

We have collected 4 of these and they are in various states.

  • Blue bike – Going after replacing plug and cleaning the carb, although blowing smoke. Seems to idle fine. Next is to check valve seals and rings/bore.
  • Second blue bike – Motor in frame. Other bits need to be fitted.
  • White bike – Small oil leak around where the head meets the bore. Few minor tweaks (like replacing a rear indicator) and its ready to register.
  • Black bike – Mostly intact. Not starting and dribbling fuel from the carb – needs a good clean.


250s start again

After a battle with fouling plugs, I have the Katana 250 and ZZR250 going

Seat covers for both bikes are done, and both are ok except for small rips in the top left corner of each. These pre-cut seat covers leave nothing on the corners and just enough to grab on the sides. I’ll remember this for the next covers I have to do.

Katana 250

  • Finally found a water union on Jauce to replace the once that had corroded and repaired. Part no 17857-45D00 is the same as for the GSX400.
  • Got the seat back on and went to try and ride it. Forgot that the rear axle wasn’t tightended up and the loose chain ended up cracking the procket cover. Dang. Something that’s straightforward to fix.
  • Bled the rear brake.
  • Got it started and took it for a spin round the yard.
Ryan on a test ride


  • Started and would only idle (even with full throttle)
  • Left the throttle open (tying a piece of rag around the throttle and pulling tight onto the other handle bar. Theory was to evaporate unburnt fuel.
  • Got seat on and the rear body bits.
  • Seemed to start ok. Rode it down to the gate and it stalled and wouldn’t start. Tried the rag trick again and got it started.
  • Gave it a good ride and it seems much easier to start now.