Bringing home the FZR250

Purchase price: $400

Condition: Not going, although assured that it was. Plastics supplied and look like they have been resprayed – mostly in good condition. Wiring loom looks like was cut and was attempted to be rejoined. Missing seats most noticeably. Missing a few bits:

  • Mirrors (sourced)
  • Fuel pump
  • Speedo cable
  • Front cowl frame (sourced)
  • Chain guard (sourced)
  • Right switch cluster (sourced)
  • Replacement wiring loom (sourced)
  • Battery (sourced and on-hand)
  • Seats (sourced)
  • Left air intake tube (sourced)
  • Radiator protector grille (sourced)
  • Clutch perch (sourced)
  • Headlight bulbs (sourced)

Most amazing find was the airbox. The one that came with it was missing boots. Doing some research online I found the airbox looked like it came from a CBR250RR. When I purchased the Katana 250 it came with an airbox that didn’t fit it – but magically fits this FZR!

The work begins.

Pulled the carbs out and found the intake ports in the head full of water. Tipped the bike on its side to drain most of it out. The carbs were full of water and dried fuel varnish.

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