Seat covers and CD90 parts

My goal this week is to get the baby Katana as far as we can and the ZZR body panels back on. Might also look at the CD90 parts and assembling what I can into two complete bikes.

Baby Katana

  • Working on the seat cover
  • Got the motor going although it’s a little hard to start. I figure I need to get it back together and ride it a little.


  • After a lot of wrangling, got the new seat cover fitted.


The parts that I hope to finish off the C201 and to make another complete bike. Looking over the parts, for the second bike I am missing some of the electrics and handle bars / controls. It does look like the motor has H/L range suggesting it’s out of a CT90.

Exhaust is on order (ebay) to make the second bike.


Cold and wet

It’s a wet and cold Saturday here in Budgeree, so I don’t expect to get a lot done. The weather was better Sunday – no rain and a bit of sun, but still cold.

On my list:

Fault finding why the baby Katana won’t start.

  • Signal coil with static reading of 334 ohms – within 269 to 404 ohm tolerance
  • Fixed a break in the ground wire to the CDI
  • Pulled out a spark plug lead and popped in a spark plug I had lying around. Cranked the motor and could see a healthy spark! I had pulled the CDI board out earlier in the week and resoldered most of the joints.
  • Found all plugs to be fouled. Wire brushed them and it started for a moment, but won’t hold idle.
  • Ran a bit more and started sounding better and then died all of a sudden. No spark now.

Browsing Marketplace for any bargains.

  • Found a bargain bin of assorted CD90 parts for $600. Picked up these bits on Sunday. I think with what I have and these parts, I should be able to make 2 complete bikes.

Fault finding why the ZZR250 won’t start.

  • Put a charger on the battery and after a few cranks it started. Idle is a little erratic – surging slightly every few seconds.