Bits and pieces

Here’s the current list of bikes the we are working on:

  • GPz550 H2 1982. Complete with 4 in 1 exhaust and pipeline muffler. Running and registered.
  • GPz550 H2 1982 custom. Ryan’s bike that he is in the process of doing up. Motor going, will die on low idle. Starter spins and doesn’t engage – we suspect the starter clutch. Nearly ready to register.
  • GSX250SSM (the baby Katana). Grey import. Registered on club plates.
  • KL250 A1 ’77. This is the first bucket of bolts I bought so it is a little special.
  • KL250 A3 x 4 all around ’80. The white one is going. Also one black, two blue. These are generally complete and are rolling frames with motors.
  • XJ600 Seca II. A complete bike with a collapsed output bearing. Have had it running.
  • Katana 650G. Came as a rolling frame and dismantled motor. I think the bike is complete. One piston has a hole in the crown (looks like from too lean a mixture).
  • Katana 650M. A complete bike that wasn’t running. Further investigation revealed a burnt valve.
  • SR250. This bike is a rolling frame and an engine in pieces.
  • Honda C201, about ’67. Boxes of bits and bolts. Everything is disassembled. The previous owner said that the engine ran before the bike was dismantled.
  • SRX250. Ryan’s rider. Recently fitted new visor and throttle cables. Still needs a speedo cable. Registered on club plates.
  • FZR250R ’91. Almost complete with resprayed plastics. Currently on the hunt for parts.

Four wheeled vehicles offer their own mechanical therapy:

And then there are the ones we have done up and sold:

  • SR250. Sold ready to be registered.
  • GS250FW. Sold with roadworthy certificate.
  • ZZR250 ’01. Sold to a local young guy and ready to be registered.

I purposefully didn’t number this list because I think the final number might be a bit scary.

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