Bits and pieces

Here’s the current list of bikes the we are working on:

  • GPz550 H2 1982. Complete with 4 in 1 exhaust and pipeline muffler. Running and registered.
  • GPz550 H2 1982 custom. Ryan’s bike that he is in the process of doing up. Motor going, will die on low idle. Starter spins and doesn’t engage – we suspect the starter clutch. Nearly ready to register.
  • KL250 A1 ’77. This is the first bucket of bolts I bought so it is a little special.
  • KL250 A3 x 4 all around ’80. The white one is going. Also one black, two blue. These are generally complete and are rolling frames with motors.
  • XJ600 Seca II. A complete bike with a collapsed output bearing. Have had it running.
  • Katana 650GX. Came as a rolling frame and dismantled motor. I think the bike is complete. One piston has a hole in the crown (looks like from too lean a mixture).
  • Katana 650GZ. A complete bike that wasn’t running. Further investigation revealed a burnt valve.
  • SR250. This bike is a rolling frame and an engine in pieces.
  • FZR250R ’91. Almost complete with resprayed plastics. Currently on the hunt for parts.
  • GPz900R. Bought not running. Ryan picked up for me and brought it home. Now have it running. Some tidy up needed.

Four wheeled vehicles offer their own mechanical therapy:

And then there are the ones we have done up and sold:

  • SR250. Sold ready to be registered in Jan 2020 for $1,000 ready to register.
  • GS250FW. Sold Sep 2020 for $2,500 with roadworthy certificate.
  • ZZR250 ’01. Sold to a local young guy for $850 and was ready to be registered.
  • SRX250. Ryan’s bike, fitted new visor and throttle cables. Eventually got a speedo cable. Registered on club plates. Was in a bingle and was written off.
  • Honda C201, about ’67. Boxes of bits and bolts. Everything is disassembled. The previous owner said that the engine ran before the bike was dismantled. Got it running and registered. Sold Feb 22 for $2,300 inc RWC.
  • GSX250SSM (the baby Katana). Grey import. Registered on club plates. Sold with roadworthy. Sold Feb 22 for $3,100.

I purposefully didn’t number this list because I think the final number might be a bit scary.

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