Katana GS650GZ 83

Picked up this bike in Warragul a while back and it’s been sitting in the shed – waiting. I was told that it was a low km bike that was owned by a mechanic. The seller removed the speedo and tacho before sale to replace on another bike.

The other Katana 650’s motor was rebult and torn down again (con rod bearing really loose on crank), so I switched to this bike to get it registered sooner.

When pulling the head off, there were signs that it had been off recently. The head gasket looked new. Valves were really tight and I expect this is why the valve on cylinder 2 wasn’t closing. Looked like 2 had a new valve and a 2.00mm shim (as low as you can go). Swapped camshafts from the other Katana 650 (little more wear, a little more clearance) and an exhaust valve to replace the one on no 2. Swapped shims from exhaust to inlet. Ground a couple of valves so they would match shims.

Current cam clearances (mm)

EX0.1270.0760.1020.203 (2.40 shim)
In spec is 0.08 to 0.03mm. All but two are a bit loose.

Things to do:

  • Replace and tighten foot peg rubbers*
  • Adjust gear selector and insert new clamp bolt
  • Fit engine dampers.
  • Rebend front brake lever
  • Touch up paint
  • Adjust headlight down.  To be done by J Smith*. They tried but low beam was too low – so left as is.
  • Tighten rear brake arm*
  • Reroute wire near exhaust* Signal wire was cooked. Replaced section of cable.
  • Bleed and clean out front and rear brake fluid*
  • Fit rear brake rotor*
  • Fit rear shocks*
  • Measure and adjust shims.  Fit cam cover with gasket. Record on site (ie here).

Items marked * were those picked up in the initial roadworthy. Roadworthy gained on 17 Jan 23. Registration appointment booked in at Leongatha for 23 Jan 23.

Other things done to the bike to get it ready for roadworthy:

  • New tires front and rear
  • Cleaned out crusty brake fluid front and rear
  • Adjusted valve clearance – as above
  • New intake rubbers
  • Cleaned carbs