Cold and wet

It’s a wet and cold Saturday here in Budgeree, so I don’t expect to get a lot done. The weather was better Sunday – no rain and a bit of sun, but still cold.

On my list:

Fault finding why the baby Katana won’t start.

  • Signal coil with static reading of 334 ohms – within 269 to 404 ohm tolerance
  • Fixed a break in the ground wire to the CDI
  • Pulled out a spark plug lead and popped in a spark plug I had lying around. Cranked the motor and could see a healthy spark! I had pulled the CDI board out earlier in the week and resoldered most of the joints.
  • Found all plugs to be fouled. Wire brushed them and it started for a moment, but won’t hold idle.
  • Ran a bit more and started sounding better and then died all of a sudden. No spark now.

Browsing Marketplace for any bargains.

  • Found a bargain bin of assorted CD90 parts for $600. Picked up these bits on Sunday. I think with what I have and these parts, I should be able to make 2 complete bikes.

Fault finding why the ZZR250 won’t start.

  • Put a charger on the battery and after a few cranks it started. Idle is a little erratic – surging slightly every few seconds.

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